Meet The Manatees

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Meet The Manatees

Stock Rock Cafe is perfectly located at Cow Key Marina, a local hotspot for manatee & marine activity. Check out some of our local resident manatees.
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The Ocean Potato


Bio: Marshall is another friendly manatee that frequent the docks at Cow Key Marina. Named Marshall at birth however prefers to be called Ocean Potato. Marshall The Ocean Potato is a rare breed of Florida manatee called a Marshmallow Seal. Marshall The Ocean Potato is actually believed to account for some of the many Key West mermaid sightings.

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Big Guy

Big Moe

Bio: Big Moe is one of the friendliest of our local manatee. He is known for saying hello to all of our paddle board & kayak tour visitors that come through our marina. A light tap on the top of the water can often bring Big Moe to the surface.

woody the manatee
Too Fast


Bio: Speedy enjoys long strolls along the mangroves, is currently single & looking for a little manatee mingle. You better not blink if you see this young stud, Speedy has been clock in at over 45mph through the Cow Key Channel. The average manatee swims between 5-15mph. Speedy is unofficially the worlds fastest manatee.

pete the non manatee
The Pelican


Bio: Pete looks like a pelican, walks like a pelican, talks like a pelican but identifies himself as a manatee. Pete often perches himself at the ends of the docks. Pete is known as Key West’s manatee whisperer. If Pete is around a manatee is close by.

otto cow key marina manatee legend
The Legend


Bio: Otto is known as the Loch Ness in the manatee kingdom. Legend has it that Otto resides at the deepest depths of the Cow Key Channel & only appears once or twice a year, always during a full moon in Key West. Rumor has it that back in the 1950’s locals thought they were under attack from the Soviet Union as there was rumored to be a Russian submarine in the Cow Key Channel. Until this day we still don’t know if it was the Russians or Otto

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The Runt

Little Rich

Bio: Little Richard is always hanging out near the marina & up to no good. Little Richard is Big Moe’s youngest brother. Don’t let his name fool you. Little Richard is estimated to weigh over 900lbs.

Did You Know?

Stock Rock Cafe Is A Local Hot Spot For Manatees

Swing over to visit us at Cow Key Marina, for daily manatee sightings!!!

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