Key West Manatee Sanctuary

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Discover Cow Key Marina: The Manatee Sanctuary of Key West

Welcome to Cow Key Marina, home of Stock Rock Café & where enchanting encounters with gentle giants await you! Nestled in the heart of Key West, Florida, Cow Key Marina proudly stands as the premier manatee sanctuary in the region. With its year-round resident manatee pods and an abundance of heartwarming sightings, this charming location has become the ultimate headquarters for manatee enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

A Haven for Gentle Giants: The Year-Round Residents

Cow Key Marina is not just a typical marina; it is a sanctuary that the gentle manatees have chosen as their year-round home. These magnificent marine mammals, also known as sea cows, are drawn to the warm, tranquil waters that surround Cow Key Marina. The peaceful ambiance of the marina provides the perfect sanctuary for these magnificent creatures to thrive and flourish.

Daily Manatee Sightings!!

Swing over to visit us at Cow Key Marina, for daily manatee sightings!!!

The Manatee Headquarters: Insider Tips for Spotting Manatees In The Florida Keys

If you’re eager to witness the beauty of these gentle giants up close, Cow Key Marina offers you the ideal vantage point. Here are some insider tips to increase your chances of spotting manatees during your visit:

  1. Arrive Early or Dusk: Manatees are more active during the cooler hours of the day, so plan your visit in the early morning or during the dusk hours for the best sightings.
  2. Quiet Observations: Manatees are sensitive to noise, so maintain a hushed and respectful demeanor to avoid startling them.
  3. Look for the Telltale Signs: Keep an eye out for circular swirls or ripples on the water’s surface – these may indicate the presence of a nearby manatee.
  4. Join Guided Tours: Cow Key Marina offers guided manatee tours led by knowledgeable experts who can provide invaluable insights and ensure you make the most of your manatee encounters.

Manatee Sightings